Fox Tutoring is a service offering online and in-person tutoring services out of Regina, Saskatchewan. We offer tutoring services in the following subject areas:

  • High School-Level Mathematics
    Including the following local courses: Math 9, Workplace & Apprenticeship 10/20/30, Foundations of Mathematics 10/20/30, Pre-Calculus 10/20/30 , and Calculus 30.

  • High School-Level Computer Science
    Including the following local courses: Computer Science 20/30

  • University-Level Calculus, Pre-Calculus, and Business Math
    Including the following local courses: Math 102, 103, 110, and 127

About the tutor

My name is Webster Fox and I am a registered teacher actively working in the province of Saskatchewan, specializing in high school math, technology, and arts education programs. I have 8 years of experience tutoring across high school and university course levels, and 3+ years experience building effective online tutoring solutions that work well for students.

My goal while tutoring is to help the student find the most effective strategy for them to further their understanding, and to work with them to find solutions that will prioritize success in their relative academic context. In general, I try to find ways for them to know and understand how to get to a solution instead of a traditional focus on memorizing past solutions in hopes that it is needed for the next problem. I believe everyone can find personal success in math, they simply need help finding an effective strategy that works for their context and understanding.

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